International Students

We are proud that our St Cuthbert’s community reflects the diverse cultural makeup of New Zealand. Our girls come from all over the globe including Asia, the United States, Europe, the Pacific Islands and the Middle East.

International students are those who require a student visa to study in New Zealand. We welcome applications from students from any country who will need a student visa to study in New Zealand.

Our fee structure for International students is different to fees charged for domestic students.

St Cuthbert’s is a signatory to the NZ Government Code of Practice for International Students which safeguards the interests of International Students studying in NZ. 

Criteria for Entry

If English is not your first language, applicants will need to take our English language test to assess if they have the written and verbal English language skills required in our classrooms where English is the language of instruction.

Upon passing the English test you will be invited to have a personal interview via video link.

If you will be living in Auckland with a parent you can apply for an International daygirl position from Year 1 – 13. International students in Years 1 – 6 must live with a parent during their studies.

If you are not living with a parent you need to apply for an International boarding position. Boarding is only available for Senior School Students in Years 7–13.

Students who are offered places will be provided with documentation from the College to assist them with applying to Immigration NZ for a student visa.

To apply for a place please click here and fill in our online form.

Academic pathways

From Year 12 onwards, your daughter will have the option of either continuing on the NCEA pathway or pursuing IB (International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme).

Our record speaks for itself, with our girls consistently achieving some of the best results across both NCEA and IB. See our academic opportunities.

Our settling-in process includes:

We understand that adjusting to being far from home can be challenging, especially in the early days. Rest assured, we have helped hundreds of international girls settle in, make friends and thrive academically, socially, physically and spiritually, during their years at St Cuthbert’s.

Orientation – Your daughter will benefit from our specialised International Student Orientation Programme.

Boarding – For girls in Years 7-13 who join our Boarding family, you will be welcomed into our home away from home.

English Language Support – If you are assessed as needing English language support, you will have specialist ESOL classes to help you establish strong English Language skills. 

Wellbeing Support – The wellbeing and support of your daughter is part of everyday life at St Cuthbert’s. At all times, our primary focus is to understand the cultural, family, and academic background of your daughter and make sure she has everything she needs to be happy and thrive at St Cuthbert’s.

Contact our Admissions team to find out more.

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