Pictured from L-R Head Boarder – Jaime Lock, Deputy Head Girl – Grace McGregor-Macdonald, Head Girl – Anita Iese, Deputy Head Girl – Luci Hollister, Deputy Head Girl – Jifei Shao

Meet our Head Girl

A warm welcome to St Cuthbert’s for 2024. We have been blessed with our first uninterrupted beginning to the year since 2020, and it has been lovely to see all students embrace it wholeheartedly. The enthusiasm, energy and enjoyment shared at our House Athletics and Swimming Sports have set an incredible tone, which I hope to build on together as the year progresses.

I’m extremely humbled, and privileged to be leading my fellow students into the new year as the 2024 St Cuthbert’s Head Girl. I aspire to use this opportunity to mirror the support I have received by countless teachers, Old Girls and extracurricular staff throughout my time at the College. It is through this support I have been able to begin to flourish as a young woman and further my learning both inside and outside the classroom.

I truly believe that the more you give to St Cuthbert’s, the more St Cuthbert’s gives back to you through a myriad of amazing opportunities. My advice to my fellow students is to let this year be one full of new experiences! Give new things a go, and don’t be afraid to fall at the first hurdle. But, if you do – have the courage to laugh it off and try again.

Fa’afetai lava,



Anita Iese

Head Girl 2024