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Academic Opportunities

Our girls tell us that one of the aspects they love most about St Cuthbert’s is the thrill of trying new things and discovering hidden talents.

St Cuthbert’s students have a reputation for obtaining exceptional academic results. We are now offering our own St Cuthbert’s Year 11 Diploma. Read more here.

From Years 12 and 13 there is a choice of two academic pathways. With both NCEA and International Baccalaureate (IB) qualifications on offer, no matter your daughter’s academic aspirations and interests, our approach to teaching means that our students gain the tools to become adaptable, forward-thinking, life-long learners.

With these essential life skills, our students go on to pursue a wide range of tertiary studies and careers, both nationally and overseas.

Academic Pathways

Finding every girl’s potential

Our goal is to help every girl understand how she best learns and equip her with the tools and strategies to unlock this. We offer extra tuition through our Pohutukawa Learning Centre for diverse learners.

We recognise girls work in different ways and different paces and offer personalised learning which allow us to adapt a girl’s class schedule to provide targeted support where she most needs it. We are proud to have seen our diverse learners achieve success and just two examples in recent years include a student becoming Head Girl, and another receiving the Top Scholars’ Award in Design.

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