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We invite you to come in and meet us, see our wonderful facilities and immerse yourself in our school to experience what we can offer your daughter.

Our next Open Day will showcase Years 7-13 in our Senior School on the morning of Tuesday 13 August.

This Open Day is relevant for families considering 2026 and 2027 places. We are full for Years 7-13 in 2025, however occasionally there can be movement. If you are looking at a 2026 start please apply as soon as possible. You are welcome to apply now for 2027 and beyond as well.

Our Junior School has waitlists in several year groups, with very limited 2025 places. Our next Open Day showcasing the whole school, Years 0-13, will take place in March 2025.

Open Days

Register below if you are interested in places between Years 7-13 and wish to attend the Senior Open Day.

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