At St Cuthbert’s, students are required to bring their own device from Years 5 – 13. Devices are used at specific times in the classroom to enhance and support the learning experience.   

2024 Devices

•  Students in Years 5 – 9 use Apple iPads with a keyboard and Apple Pencil. We recommend either the iPad Pro or iPad Air with a minimum of an M1 chip and at least 128GB storage, Apple Pencil 2 and the Apple Magic Keyboard. 

• Years 10 – 13 students use laptops. Apple MacBooks are the preferred option. Windows laptops can be used. Please email if you are wanting to use a Windows laptop. 

• If you are starting in Year 9, and do not already own an iPad, there is an option to pay a per-term-rate for the use of an iPad, keyboard and pencil. This will be useful for families who do not wish to purchase an iPad for one year only. Please read this form for details and fill it in to register. 

Please contact if you have any IT queries about which device to choose.

• We do not have any preferred suppliers for the purchase of devices however we have listed some possible suppliers below.

•Apple Direct (

•PbTech (

•ImageText (

•Cyclone Computers (

•Any other reseller

Please contact Mr Andy Parker, Director of Information and Learning Technologies, if you have any queries:


Students from Year 7 to Year 13 purchase stationery from OfficeMax.

2024 Stationery lists are now available at Once you click the link to OfficeMax, scroll down and click on the orange start button, enter the student’s details and her stationery requirements will appear as a list.

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