Buddy system – Looking up to older role models

Published May 10, 2019. Tags:  Little Sister Issue 1

Our goal is that every girl feels happy and settled in our Junior School, so it feels like their ‘home away from home’. Your daughters all have unique strengths and we encourage every girl to achieve her own personal best in the most supportive of environments, every day.

This encouragement doesn’t just come from our amazing teachers, it’s also embedded throughout our school in our school motto ‘By Love Serve’. We ‘walk the talk’ every day to ensure our younger St Cuthbert’s girls can look up to their ‘bigger sisters’, having fun with them, and learning from them.

A special group of Year 13 girls are selected each year to come and hang out with our Junior School girls – as you can imagine this is a much coveted position!

The Year 13 big sisters come and help teachers, read to our Junior School girls, organise Jump Jam sessions and movie nights, host Easter fun activities and generally just have fun at lunchtimes in the playgrounds. We can see that both the younger and older St Cuthbert’s girls are bonding and enjoying each other’s company all year round.

Junior and Senior girls playing in sandpit