St Cuthbert’s Head of Subject: Chemistry, Mr Ian Torrie, awarded the prestigious Peter Spratt medal

Published December 2, 2020

Congratulations to St Cuthbert’s Head of Subject: Chemistry, Mr Ian Torrie, who has been awarded the prestigious Peter Spratt medal. This award recognises significant and long-term contributions to Science education in New Zealand.

The Peter Spratt medal has been awarded biennially by the New Zealand Association of Science Educators since 2008. The medal is awarded to office holders of Science teacher committees; those who organise Science fairs and other events; and contributors to examination and curriculum panels that have supported Science teachers across New Zealand.

Ian has been at St Cuthbert’s in our Science Department since 1993, and has been Head of Subject: Chemistry in 2000. Ian talents are much awarded, he has also won the Denis Hogan Chemical Education Award in 2009, ISNZ Honours Award for Chemistry leadership in 2013 and NEiTA National Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2014.

Ian says “What I enjoy about teaching are the ‘light-bulb moments’ and when a student says something like, “so chemistry isn’t that hard after all”, and you realise you have made a difference.”

Congratulations Ian, we are so very lucky to have you at St Cuthbert’s, inspiring our girls and instilling in them a love of Chemistry everyday.