Making Their Mark and Old Girls’ Honours Awards

Published July 6, 2021

From top left to bottom right: Parents of Raiha Buchanan, Aroha and Peter Buchanan, Amber Conley, Ann Gluckman, Mary Fenton
and Barbara Rae-Venter.

We’re celebrating some of the leading lights of St Cuthbert’s! Our annual Making Their Mark and Old Girls’ Honours ceremony recognises Old Girls who are doing remarkable things in their communities and careers. We’re thrilled to acknowledge our three Making Their Mark winners (Raiha Buchanan, Amber Conley, and Ann Gluckman), Marking Service recipient (Mary Fenton), and our Old Girls’ Honours awardee (Barbara Rae-Venter).

From top left to bottom right.

Aroha and Peter Buchanan, proud parents representing their daughter Raiha, who lives in Sweden. Raiha is one of the inspiring Making Their Mark winners. Raiha is a trailblazer in the fintech area, and is CEO and co-founder of the Swedish fintech company Gigapay, a salary payment infrastructure built for the gig and creator economy.

Amber Conley is a dedicated Registered Comprehensive Nurse and is one of 2021 Making Their Mark recipients. As a Nurse Unit Manager of the Starship Blood and Cancer Centre, managing a team of 85 nurses, Amber makes a huge positive impact on families and children at their most vulnerable. Amber is involved in many national and international paediatric oncology groups, committees, and societies.

Ann Gluckman has contributed significantly to New Zealand’s Jewish community, literary culture, and education. Ann was the first woman in New Zealand to become principal at a state co-educational school. An inspiring author, Ann most recently released her edited 460-page book about the Auckland Jewish community. This third volume, Identity and Involvement – Auckland Jewry, Past and Present, was co-edited by Ann, Deb Levy Friedler, and Lindy Davis.

Mary Fenton has dedicated a life to ‘By Love Serve’ and is our Marking Service awardee. Just some of Mary’s wide-ranging service includes being a Plunket Nurse, dedicating time to a number of sports clubs, and helping in the administering of the community centre attached to her church. She is committed to the wellbeing of the family, in her personal life, her working life and in her volunteering.

Barbara Rae-Venter is our remarkable 2021 Old Girls’ Honours recipient. Her work at the intersection of genetic genealogy and law enforcement has been used to solve at least 45 cases. Barbara has also used her skills for the reunification of families. She volunteers as a “search angel” for DNA Adoption, a non-profit that shows adoptees how to use DNA in their birth family search.