Year 1 and 2 befriend Pete, the T-Rex

Published July 1, 2022

Year 1 and 2’s visit to Auckland Museum to learn more about dinosaurs was a roaring success.

The Museum has a hands-on exhibition featuring Pete the T-Rex with replica dinosaur bones of well-known herbivore and carnivore dinosaur species.  

The girls have been studying dinosaurs in their PEACE (inquiry) lessons and gained a greater appreciation of how dinosaurs have evolved, and how marine and avian reptiles differ, during their visit.

They enjoyed the hands-on exploration of fossils and learned from the Museum educators how they are formed and why palaeontologists study them. The girls made connections between animals that live today and those that lived millions of years ago. They also explored the whakapapa of various fossils found across Auckland and New Zealand to make connections to their own past.