Girls paint wonderful bathroom murals for future students

Published January 27, 2023

Our Year 13 Class of 2022 girls have really left their mark on campus, in the form of some amazing bathroom murals for other students to enjoy.

Designed to create a safe, relaxing space, the girls have painted the doors in one of our Senior School bathrooms with beautiful images and affirmations. The artists wanted to give back to the College and share something positive with future students, and we think they’ve done just that.

Well done girls, what a stunning initiative, and a big thank you to Resene, for their generous donation of painting materials, that made the mural possible.

Demonstrating ‘By Love Serve’: Phoebe Thomas, Flo Cook, Christie Hughes, Zara Stewart, Jennifer Liu, Audrey Tsang, Josephine Holden, Rosa Hollister, Milly Adams, Bhavleen Kaur and Isabel Brooks.