A Phenomenal Four St Cuthbert’s Students Gain Entry To Oxbridge

Published March 20, 2023

To have just a single New Zealand student accepted into an Oxbridge University, in any given year, is impressive, but a stunning four students from the St Cuthbert’s Yr13 class of 2022 are set to travel to the United Kingdom this year, to take up places at Cambridge and Oxford Universities.

During a morning tea dedicated to the girls before they take on the great adventures ahead of them, Principal Justine Mahon mentioned that ‘the breadth of subjects and range of qualifications is wonderful to see.’

Emma Qiu will study the world-famous Philosophy, Politics and Economics course at Oxford University (Lady Margaret Hall). Head of Careers at St Cuthbert’s, Rhonda Vink notes that ‘gaining a place at Oxford is an incredible achievement and the Philosophy Politics and Economics (PPE) course, originally developed at Oxford, is one of the most prestigious courses Emma can do there’.

Heading to Cambridge, Kate Lin has been accepted onto the impressive Law course at Pembroke College. Julie Li will study Natural Sciences, and Maria Gong will study Medicine at Sydney Sussex College. Whilst we know that the girls will be in great company, meeting new people from the world over, it’s also very special to know that a friend from St Cuthbert’s is never far away.

It was interesting to learn what the girls were most looking forward to, as they embark on the next step in their education. Emma Qiu is so excited about many things, including all of the new experiences and the opportunities to learn’.  Similarly, Julie Li is eager to ‘learn more and explore more’. For Maria Gong, it’s all about ‘travelling overseas and getting to meet everyone there and making new friends’.

From parents to teachers, these four girls have had the most incredible support network, allowing them to succeed in the extensive application process, which entails a great deal of preparation and hard work. When we farewelled these stellar students at their morning tea, the excitement displayed by their teachers was palpable and genuine. They are so incredibly proud of the girls, no one more so that Rhonda Vink, who had the following to say.

‘Students applying to Oxbridge universities are risk-takers; they have the courage to put themselves into an extraordinarily competitive environment. The application process is rigorous and even attaining an interview, is a wonderful achievement if you consider the applicant statistics. 

Emma, Maria, Kate and Julie are all amazing people with a love of learning and enthusiasm for their chosen fields that will ensure they flourish in their respective careers. We look forward to watching them develop and make their mark on the world’.