Announcing our new St Cuthbert’s Year 11 Diploma

Published May 11, 2023

Strategic Announcement: Changes to Year 11 Qualification at St Cuthbert’s from 2024

St Cuthbert’s is delighted to announce an important change to our Year 11 programme which will further ensure that every Year 11 St Cuthbert’s student reaches her academic potential.

Starting in 2024, this comprehensive, future-focused qualification, will replace the radically modified NCEA Level 1 qualification which NZQA is introducing to all schools next year.

Over the past 18 months, several of our senior academic staff have taken part in Government advisory panels for NZQA’s proposed changes to NCEA and have become increasingly concerned at what was being proposed. We believe that these changes will not provide sufficient, in-depth learning for our students. The new St Cuthbert’s Diploma, however, will ensure all our girls are equipped with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to excel in any qualification pathway, during the last two years of their secondary education, and for higher learning both in New Zealand and offshore.

Our internal NCEA team of senior subject specialists has thoroughly researched alternative overseas Year 11 qualifications and has also examined the various programmes being introduced at other New Zealand secondary schools.

Working closely with our Heads of Faculties, and Senior School leaders, our NCEA review team has created our own bespoke, Year 11 Diploma programme, that will deliver a world class, comprehensive curriculum which is intellectually rigorous, well-rounded and more challenging than what is being implemented by NZQA next year.

In addition to the deep conceptual focus in all subjects, there will be a requirement for students to participate in curriculum enrichment opportunities, including service projects and co-curricular activities.

This supports our vision of developing young women to become socially responsive leaders, and to be inclusive, compassionate, and engaged global citizens.

As part of this process, some of our previous senior students, as well as the wider St Cuthbert’s academic staff, have been involved in focus groups to thoroughly test and offer advice on the various proposals.

Please note, these changes do not impact our 2023 Level 1 students who are well prepared for higher learning within the current programme.

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This change is part of our strategic focus on ensuring we teach for the future and is an exciting step change in our academic offering, and one in which we know will support your daughter to achieve her potential.