Gifting Amazing Annual Fund Staff Scholarship Recipients Announced

Published August 24, 2023


Teachers and students at St Cuthbert’s truly are at the very heart of all we do. With thanks to the donations to the Gifting Amazing Annual Fund we were able to award significant staff scholarships which will bring enhancements back to students in 2024.

Victoria Mauala and Sally Chudzynski were awarded the staff scholarship prize in order to bring a world view back to our Junior School STEM learning. Victoria said, “Having this scholarship will enrich me, as well as other staff, in digital learning, and in a broader sense, also,  Apple Learning at St Cuthbert’s College. Bringing back the knowledge from the Apple Distinguished Schools conference and the STEM in Education Conference will elevate and promote the College as a destination to observe our programmes and skilled teachers.”

Importantly, a part of the conference they are attending addresses how neuro-diverse thinkers can benefit from advancement in digital learning. Sally adds, “We are in charge of educating our students for an unknown digital future, for jobs that don’t yet exist. By awarding professional learning experiences through the Gifting Amazing Annual Fund Staff Scholarships we open up our teaching staff to new education  pathways, to best support our students’ future development. We seek to be innovators, at the cutting edge of advancements in this field.”

A second scholarship was awarded to Ros Ali and her team which will provide an exciting opportunity to develop the Publishing Project. The major objective of this Project is to nurture the student voice and the craft of storytelling in the Writing Programme. Ros Ali who is our Director of Libraries and Head of the Writing Programme, says “Our goal is to publish in-house and establish St Cuthbert’s own imprint, involving students in composing, developing and publishing their work. Creating a special writing journal for students, supporting Margin, the student led publication, and experimenting with digital, print and multi-media forms will be at the heart of the project.”

“Collaboration with writers and specialists in the publishing process, developing creative confidence and capturing our stories, will be invaluable for us all.”

Ros and her team are looking forward to launching this in early 2024 to the student community.