Published February 13, 2024

We are thrilled to share that our students gained a record number of NZQA Scholarships in 2023 – the highest secondary school qualification – placing the College once again as the top all girls’ school in the country.   

Our students gained a phenomenal 114 scholarships across 27 subjects, with twins, Ena (10) and Belle Yin (8), gaining 18 scholarships between them in Year 12! Ena is in the top two students in New Zealand and a contender for the prestigious Prime Minister’s Award. Both Ena and Belle have been awarded Premier Scholars’ Awards, placing them in the top 10 students in the country.

We are really delighted with these results. To put them in context, St Cuthbert’s has a Year 9-13 roll of 959 students, and on a per capita basis, these results are simply outstanding, placing the school amongst the very top in the country. 

The results are a testament to the dedication of our staff who go the extra mile, and our students’ hard work.  Students who receive NZQA Scholarships are in the top 3% (approx.) in their subject, in New Zealand.

These results are up 63% from 2022. Encouraging more students to sit scholarship examinations across a range of subjects is one of our academic strategies to ensure our girls are ready for the rigour of higher learning both at New Zealand universities and offshore.

We believe the NZQA Scholarship examinations provide students with additional in-depth subject learning opportunities, and conceptual analysis, including supporting them to think in a more abstract way. Our goal is to grow the number of students sitting these extra examinations to enhance their learning, encourage independent study, and to broaden their opportunities once they leave school. Congratulations to all our students who gained scholarships, and a special mention of the following students:

Premier Scholars Awards 

Ena and Belle Yin, Y12

Left to right – Belle, Ena

Outstanding Scholars Award

Grace Wu (7 Scholarships and our 2023 DUX)

Jifei Shao, Y12 (6 Scholarships)

Rita Peryer (3 Scholarships, 2 Outstanding)


Top of Subject.

Ena Yin – Art History and HPE

Belle Yin – Chinese

Ava Tuhega – Design

Rita Peryer – Japanese

Emily Whineray – Latin

Special mention to Dawn Chen who gained 6 scholarships, Y12