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Your gift to the Kahunui Fund will supply girls with the tools and equipment they need for sustainability projects, such as wooden box planters to help them grow more food on site, and fabric to make eco-friendly shopping bags.

Kahunui — meaning ‘big hawk’ in Māori — is a unique and transformative experience that empowers our Year 10 girls by advancing their levels of social physical, emotional and intellectual fitness.

This powerful rite of passage is unique to St Cuthbert’s and comes at the most formative stage of a girl’s school life. Kahunui remains a key pillar in St Cuthbert’s philosophy of developing the whole girl. It is one of the most valuable experiences she will have in her school years and the lessons she learns stay with her for life.

Kahunui is designed to teach our girls the values of team-work, resilience, interpersonal skills and communication so that they can confidently face life’s challenges.

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