Parents and Friends’ Association

The welcoming cup of tea poured for you on the first day of school, the friendly email inviting you to a class get together, the shaded gazebo and refreshing drink to quench you and your daughter’s thirst at the triathlon – these are only a few of the ways our Parents & Friends Association (P&F) work their magic.

For P&F, it’s about connecting the parent community and lending a fundraising hand where needed to benefit our girls. As parents of the school, you are already automatically a member of the Association. However, if you would like to play a bigger role and be part of our Committee, please do get in touch at P&

Parents and Friends’ Association: Asian Friendship Group

The Asian Friendship Group (AFG) is a special branch of the Parents & Friends Association. This active group of parents is the welcoming and connecting heart for the school’s Asian community. This support network is a great resource for parents new to St Cuthbert’s – it helps to guide parents and daughters as they settle into life at the school, provides an opportunity to make new friends, and connects parents with similar experiences. Cultural celebrations are also a part of what they put on at school such as Lunar New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival events. There is also a regular Friday morning walk at Cornwall Park after school drop off – all welcome to join!


亚洲家委会是学校家友会下的一个特别分支。这个活跃的家长群体让学校的亚洲社区充满热情和亲切感。该组织对于St Cuthbert’s的新家长是一个很好的互助资源 – 特别有助于帮助家长和孩子适应学校的新生活,结交新朋友,互相交流经验。文化庆祝活动也是亚洲家委会在学校进行的重要活动之一,如农历新年和中秋节庆祝活动。另外,在Cornwall Park公园每周五早晨定期组织的一树山走路活动,也欢迎大家参加!

Parents and Friends’ Association: A fun moment from the Asian Friendship Group’s Lunar New Year celebration in February 2024

Your P & F Impact

From the Junior School playground to the new Dance Studio, the fundraising objective of P&F always has student benefit in mind. Besides fundraising, the mission is to bring communities together. This is evident in the P&F annual events such as Grandparents’ Day, Parent Daughter Breakfast, Junior School Nativity Play, and Year 13 Leavers’ Soiree.

Our P & F team support our Open Day, handing out delicious ‘Making Girls Amazing’ cupcakes.

Get Involved

Volunteering is a great way to engage in school activities, see first-hand how events are run and to meet other parents from the school. For some ticketed events, volunteer help is essential to keep the ticket prices down for our community. P&F would love you to be a volunteer they can call on for events during the year. There are also other volunteering opportunities such as mentoring at careers sessions, helping with sports activities, and donating goods and services.

Please fill in this volunteer form if you are interested in joining the vibrant and generous community of volunteers.