Students and teachers on Pinnacles in the Coromandel

Beyond the classroom

From a young age we ask our students to look beyond the classroom and embrace educational opportunities that spark their curiosity.

Camps and trips allow girls to experience memorable education outside of our Epsom campus and allow St Cuthbert’s girls to make important connections between what they are learning in class to the world around them… Not to mention they are incredibly fun! 

Education outside the classroom

We operate camps from Years 4 to 9 which help build confidence and cement life-long friendships. These camps give girls of all ages hands-on opportunities to try something challenging and new in a supportive atmosphere – be it kayaking, horse riding, rock climbing or building a fire to cook marshmallows on!

Our camps build towards and culminate in our month-long, residential life skills camp at Kahunui in the Bay of Plenty which our Year 10 girls spend years looking forward to. Read more about this life-changing St Cuthbert’s camp.

After school opportunities to broaden her horizon

Our teachers run incredible tramping trips throughout New Zealand and say they see a real difference in the girls. In a world where screen time can take up so much of a girl’s life it is incredible to see girls embrace the beauty and benefits of nature. From Alpine treks to exploring the lakes of the Tongariro St Cuthbert’s girls have many rewarding opportunities available to them.

Duke of Edinburgh is accessible to all and our programme is very popular at St Cuthbert’s with growing numbers every year. We support over 200 girls each year to work towards their Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.

Incredible trips to build on her subject passions

Removed from their familiar environments we see girls embrace their subjects all the more. We run optional trips across a range of subjects in both New Zealand and around the world. Favourites are Politics trips to the Beehive in Wellington, Art trips to Venice, Languages visits to Greece and Italy, Physics trips to NASA, and Commerce trips to New York to name but a few.

Her opportunities