“Who are you when no-one’s watching? You might go and help someone… it might be something small, and no-one else is looking. That’s being a leader.”

Georgiana McGregor-MacDonald, Year 7

As our girls will tell you below, here at St Cuthbert’s “everyone can be a leader.”

Our girls are encouraged from a very young age to use their voice, and that their opinions really matter. Underpinning our approach to growing female leaders is teaching girls that true leadership is about something higher than themselves. It is about service, caring for one another, and celebrating our differences.

We provide numerous opportunities across a variety of fields for girls to demonstrate leadership, and no-one better explains what that means to them, than the girls themselves.

This powerful video features completely unscripted comments from girls in Years 6, 8 and 13 about what leadership means to them.

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