Girls dancing in stage performance

Performing Arts

At St Cuthbert’s we know creativity is essential to the overall wellbeing of students and is more important than ever in providing your daughter with a well-rounded education.

As well as giving students the chance to express themselves, Performing Arts can be credited for training imagination and building the skills future employers are looking for – collaboration, curiosity, risk-taking and an ability to think outside the square. Most importantly, the arts are vital to schools because they encompass the very quality we all need for today’s world – empathy.

Every girl will have the opportunity to participate in one of St Cuthbert’s many Performing Arts clubs and co-curricular groups; these will provide your daughter with the freedom to express herself creatively, enhance her overall wellbeing and perhaps have an unexpected chance to shine!

Whether she feels most at home behind the drums, or performing at the front of the stage, there are countless opportunities for her to pursue her creative and artistic passions.


Our girls love to dance and we offer them amazing opportunities to express themselves through this very important medium; we challenge the girls and they in turn challenge us to start even more groups so they can explore every trend and discipline in this ever-evolving creative outlet. Girls can take part in classical dance, Hip Hop, Korean Hip Hop, Contemporary, Tap, Jazz and more on a social basis with many groups being run in lunchtimes. St Cuthbert’s dance pinnacles with “The Company”, our troupe of auditioned elite dancers from Years 9 to 13 with a focus on contemporary dance. They collaborate on stunning pieces for festivals and performances in many Dance Showcases, performances and celebrations. A highlight each year is watching our many Senior School girls perform across 10 cultural dance groups at our annual Po Fiafia Night and Polyfest.

Smiling girl playing in band


Girls have a wonderful choice in front of them at St Cuthbert’s, and can set their pace. Whether in an un-auditioned social group or at an elite level we are proud to offer programmes for every girl including choirs, bands, orchestras and chamber ensembles. Many of New Zealand’s leading Suzuki teachers work with our students and St Cuthbert’s consistently gains awards and recognition in local and national competitions. Our co-curricular Music Programme is integrated into a girls’ learning week from Year 0 to Year 13 and includes 30 co-curricular music groups playing a variety of instruments from Alto Clarinet to Zither and all you can imagine in between. We will open your daughters eyes, ears and hands to a wonderful new world and give her a life-long love of all kinds of music’.

Students performing play on stage


We love nothing better than to see a girl discover her love for acting and when we see that spark we encourage it! Students can explore and build skills through both our Drama Club and Theatresports and over 250 students participate annually in the St Cuthbert’s Shakespeare Soiree, often going on to receive recognition at the SGCNZ Sheila Winn Shakespeare Festival.

Girls making speech


In today’s world uniqueness and the ability to be confident in getting your message across is key. Our Speech programme is led by experts who will impact valuable technical skills as well as greater confidence in our students in the Public Speaking arena. From Years 4 – 13 private Speech and Communication lessons are available and we are proud to see many of our students advance through the Trinity School of London or New Zealand Speech Board examinations each year.

Her opportunities