We frequently hear from our Boarders and their parents how much our special care, support and understanding has meant to them – especially in the early days.

Our experienced, compassionate team has welcomed hundreds of girls to our Boarding family over the years, and with every girl our heart is warmed as we see them adjust to living away from home.

We love watching our Boarders grow up alongside one another and develop amazing friendships, confidence, independence and a sense of lasting sisterhood.

Boarding Options

St Cuthbert’s provides three Boarding options:

  • Full Boarding: Boarders remain at the school during the weekend, with the option of taking leave on any weekend.
  • Weekly Boarding: Boarders return home during the weekend, with the option of remaining in boarding during the weekend if needed.
  • Flexi Boarding: Day students stay as temporary boarders (short stays if parents are away or when girls have school commitments out of hours).

Being a Boarder at St Cuth’s

We have three boarding houses and each boarding house caters for designated year levels. Girls move between boarding houses as they progress through the Senior School.

Girls are also placed in family groups which ensures that very quickly they know not only the boarders in their year level but everyone in the boarding community. Our boarders are placed into Family Groups, consisting of six or seven girls from different year levels. Our older boarders assist newer girls in their Family Groups providing support, encouragement, and affirmation for one another. They stay together right through their time at St Cuthbert’s and form strong bonds. 

Boardingware (an online tool) ensures that you as parents have complete oversight of your daughter’s leave requests.

‘Prep Programme’

The Boarding House offers a structured Prep Programme in the evenings to enable students to complete their homework and study for assessments and examinations.

Having fun while boarding

Through the activities we provide, from weekly dinners to weekend activities, your daughter will have much-needed down time and quickly become part of a tight-knit family.

Each term there is a comprehensive programme of onsite and offsite activities for the boarders to enjoy. Photographs from the activities are shared with parents and caregivers in the ‘Heart of the College’ weekly newsletter from the Director of Boarding.

International Boarders

At St Cuthbert’s we give international students an extra level of support. Our wraparound pastoral care programme recognises the difficult transition these girls face when they move to another country and includes for our international families: an induction day; student lunches; themed dinners; and regular meetings with the international students’ co-ordinator and counsellor.

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