A Gift of Legacy – leaving a gift in your Will

The days spent at school, the friendships that are forged and the learning and growth that happens in those early years leaves a lasting impression on an individual. We know that our alumni want to recognise the exceptional education that St Cuthbert’s has provided them, and a belief in continuing that legacy for generations to come.

St Cuthbert’s would like to acknowledge and thank you for considering a leaving a gift in your Will. It is a very personal decision, and we know how important it is to discuss this with your loved ones. 

How would you like to be remembered?

One of the joys in life is helping others. At St Cuthbert’s we call it By Love Serve, our school motto of over 100 years which is still ever-present and entwined within the St Cuthbert’s experience. We know many former students go on to lead lives in the service of others – whether that be for your family and loved ones, in a professional role, through volunteer work, or finding those little moments to help a stranger in need. 

“By Love Serve is at the core of all of us, a motto that so many of us hold dear for the rest of our lives.”

By Love Serve is not unique to an individual, but it is unique to St Cuthbert’s and what we offer, which is delivering an exceptional and well-rounded education, to grow the next generation of leaders and change makers.

Leaving a gift in your Will is your opportunity to support young women to be the best version of themselves with the ability to do incredible things in the world. Making a gift to St Cuthbert’s in your Will ensures we can continue delivering on the College’s vision of Making Girls Amazing and on our strategic priorities. There remains much that can be done to improve educational outcomes for girls around the world. You may not know the person helped, but the ripple effect of a life positively changed by education creates a better society that benefits us all.

“St Cuthbert’s College has benefitted from such legacy gifts in the past, with the generous help of former staff, parents and Old Girls who have left a provision in their Wills. One of our first gifts was from the Runciman family who in 1927 bequested for a heated swimming pool to be built for the students.”

There are also times when people wish to honour, celebrate, or memorialise the life of a member of their family or someone who has been important to them. A gift in a Will can be a wonderful way to remember a loved one. 

Giving the gift that is right for you

Everyone is different, and so are their circumstances, so the gift you leave must be right for you. Should you decide to leave a gift in your Will to St Cuthbert’s College, here are just some of the options available to you:

  • You can give a specific amount of money or percentage of your estate. This type of gift is sometimes called a ‘pecuniary gift’ and allows you to nominate a specific amount of money or percentage of an estate to gift to St Cuthbert’s.
  • You can leave a particular item or items such as property, land, works of art, jewellery, shares etc. It needs to be specifically named in your Will and left to St Cuthbert’s College.
  • You can leave the residue of your estate after specific items and/or monetary gifts (if any) have been given. Here you make a gift to St Cuthbert’s College of what is left over (or a percentage of the residue) in your estate after all expenses and debts have been settled and your loved ones have been provided for. 
  • You can make a gift through a perpetual trust that will provide ongoing financial support to the College.
  • You can gift a life insurance policy on your own life or the life of another nominated person, with St Cuthbert’s nominated as the sole beneficiary.
  • Alternatively, you could make the bonuses of your life insurance policy payable to St Cuthbert’s College.

We will always follow your instructions on how you wish to be recognised, always maintaining absolute confidentiality and, if requested, anonymity.

How to make a gift in your Will to St Cuthbert’s in three easy steps

Choosing to remember St Cuthbert’s College with a gift in your Will is the perfect way to give in thanks – in memory, in honour, or in celebration, and to support the many generations of young women to come.

Leaving a gift in your Will is simple and can be accomplished in 1, 2, or 3 easy steps:

  1. Call or email St Cuthbert’s to discuss leaving a gift in your Will and ask any questions you may have (optional, call us on 09 520 4159).
  2. Make contact in person or via an online service with a financial or legal advisor, lawyer or Will provider and ask them to:
    • make a Will (if you do not already have one) or
    • make an amendment to your existing Will.
  3. Once the process is complete, please let us know when you have received your new or updated Will with the inclusion of your gift to St Cuthbert’s. (optional but recommended – email advancement@stcuthberts.school.nz).

Get in touch

Should you have any questions about leaving a gift in your Will, please contact our Advancement Team on 09 520 4159 or email advancement@stcuthberts.school.nz. The team would be happy to meet with you and understand how best we can honour your wishes. 

If you have already chosen to include St Cuthbert’s in your Will, please consider letting us know so we can recognise your important contribution.

We recommend seeking legal advice when drafting a new Will or updating an existing one. There are several ways you can leave a gift to St Cuthbert’s College in your Will, and your lawyer can discuss these different options with you. If you would like to make a change to your existing Will, you can consider amending specific clauses that reflect your circumstances. 

A gift in your Will to St Cuthbert’s College goes on giving forever. On behalf of our Trust Board and Senior Leadership Team, as well as the students of St Cuthbert’s College, we thank you in advance for your everlasting support.

Example wording for your gift in Will

Click here to download this as a PDF.

If you are considering making a gift in your Will, here is some wording you can discuss with your legal advisor, lawyer, or Will provider. While including St Cuthbert’s in your Will is a simple process, we thoroughly recommend you consult legal advice to best ensure your wishes are carried out:

“I give and bequeath to the St Cuthbert’s College Educational Trust Board, a charitable trust registered with the New Zealand Charities Commission (CC21007),

  • the residue of my estate
  • OR (a specific percentage) of the residue of my estate
  • OR my (describe specific item(s) of property) 
  • OR the sum of $ (a specific dollar amount)

 free from all duties and charges, as a contribution to the St Cuthbert’s College Educational Trust to be applied for *(‘greatest needs’ OR otherwise specified), for which the receipt of the St Cuthbert’s College Educational Trust Board shall be sufficient discharge to my trustees. “

*Note: this part could simply state ‘greatest needs’ or be used to or reflect a Statement of Intentions such as the type of scholarship or programme where you wish to direct your gift. 

Honouring your intentions

In most cases, directing your gift to ‘greatest need’ is the most helpful as it allows St Cuthbert’s to use the gift where it can make the greatest impact at the time. It is possible however, if you have some specific intentions for your gift, for us to draw up a ‘Statement of Intentions’ which instructs the College on exactly how you would like your gift to be used. This process represents a collaborative effort between you and the College to ensure we can help you fulfil your philanthropic ambitions.

A Statement of Intentions could include information on:

  • The distribution schedule for funds such as perpetual (use interest only, capital remains) or depleting fund (over what period). 
  • The process of distribution (decision-makers, application process, etc). 
  • Recipient criteria (department, programme or objectives, financial need, contribution to community or culture, etc). 
  • Type of allowable expenditure (tuition fees, boarding fees, extra-curricular activity/trip costs, capital expenditure, staff salary, etc). 
  • How the College and recipient will recognise and acknowledge you or your nominee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider making a gift in my Will?

Upon receipt of an intended gift in Will donation, a member of the College’s Advancement team will get in touch with you to ensure we fully understand your wishes. Unless otherwise specified, the College Trust Board and Management will help align your gift with your interests alongside the College’s greatest need at any given time. 

You will be recognised as a supporter of St Cuthbert’s, and a member of the soon to be announced St Cuthbert’s Legacy Circle, which includes a range of benefits such as invitations to events, regular newsletters and personal insights from the Principal.

Is it still possible to prioritise my family’s needs in my Will and still effectively support St Cuthbert’s?

Absolutely. Most of our gifts through Wills come from modest and caring New Zealanders who look after their family appropriately first and then invest in the well-being of others by supporting a charitable purpose like promoting girls’ education at St Cuthbert’s College.

Is my gift in Will tax deductible?

No, however, any gifts made within your lifetime are. New Zealand resident taxpayers receive a 33.3% tax credit on any gift over $5 per annum (up to a limit of total net taxable income for all gifts combined in a given tax year). If tax deductibility is important to you, talk to us about leaving a “Living Legacy”. 

What is a Living Legacy?

A Living Legacy is a donation made like a gift in a Will, however, these are pledged gifts made over some time, usually 3-5 years, during your lifetime. If you would like to consider this form of gift, please contact the team on the details above so we can better understand your intentions and help you see the best outcome for your donation. 

Can I donate in honour of a loved one, or an important milestone?

Yes, this a very powerful way to honour a loved one or mark an important day. Talk to us further about how to make this happen. 

What does it cost to make or change a Will?

Costs vary greatly, however a simple Will can be made for around $100-200, with more complex Wills costing upwards of $500 or more. Making a simple change in your Will, such as adding a gift to a charitable organisation such as St Cuthbert’s College, may only cost around $50-$200. These estimates are based on average costs across various public providers and Will services. The values will be higher or lower depending on whom you have or choose as your legal advisor and the complexity of the contents or any changes in your Will.  

Can I direct my gift to a specific purpose?

Wherever possible, we encourage donors making a gift through their Will, to give to the ‘greatest needs’, because the needs of St Cuthbert’s College may change over the years. For example, educational best practice is always evolving and may not be the same in a few years. By donating to the ‘greatest needs’ you can be sure your legacy is helping whoever, whenever and wherever to meet the greatest need. 

A small proportion of our donors may feel passionate about supporting a specific need or wish to invest a significant financial gift towards a specific area, such as the Sciences, or our remote learning Kahanui Campus in the Bay of Plenty. This process would be a collaborative one. We can guide you on the most important needs of the students, the school and the priorities that are designed to meet those needs and help you to realise your philanthropic ambitions. 

In some cases, we may be unable to comply with a donor’s request. But we are committed to working with donors collaboratively. We welcome your involvement to deliver the greatest impact. 

Can I remain anonymous if I give a Gift in my Will?

Absolutely and with confidence we shall respect and manage your wish. Whilst we like to know that you have given a gift in your Will to the College, so we may show our gratitude, we understand that some people prefer to remain anonymous, and we respect that decision. If you choose to let us know, you can trust that every gift is given in complete confidence and any request for anonymity will be upheld. 

When is the best time to make a Will?

If you do not have a Will or your Will has not been updated recently, now is truly the best time to do so. Making a Will now will give you peace of mind and you can always update or change your Will at any time. Contact your financial or legal advisor, lawyer, or Will provider today to have one prepared or updated.