Your donation to St Cuthbert’s can be amplified

You can claim back tax credits against donations you’ve kindly made to St Cuthbert’s in the past, and regift these to the College. We’ve partnered with Supergenerous, who offer a simple tool which enables you to register and provide a few details and they take care of the rest. St Cuthbert’s will receive the tax credits from your previous, and future, donations which we will invest in initiatives to help the girls of St Cuthbert’s continue to become even more amazing.

How it works

  1. Register. Tell Supergenerous about your donations to St Cuthbert’s over the last four years and provide some details, including your IRD number (They can also assist you donations to other organisations you may have made)
  2. Claim. Supergenerous will make the claim on your behalf, and send you updates along the way
  3. Rebate. Any rebates you decide to re-gift to St Cuthbert’s will be organised on your behalf, and you’ll receive a confirmation report

Our generous donations to St Cuthbert’s can go even further

Leigh Melville has been one of many generous donors to St Cuthbert’s. Since registering with Supergenerous the donations Leigh has made, over the last four years,have received a significant tax credit rebate. With the help of Supergenerous Leigh’s tax credits were gifted to St Cuthbert’s – making her original donations go even further for the students at St Cuthbert’s.

Join Leigh, and other members of the Board and Senior Leadership Team at St Cuthbert’s to register with Supergenerous and re-gift your tax credits back to St Cuthbert’s to enhance learning even more at St Cuthbert’s.

Leigh Melville, St Cuthbert’s College, Trust Board Chair

Roughly 60% of New Zealanders don’t claim their donation rebates.

That’s $1B of charitable rebates every four years that goes unclaimed. Imagine what $1B back to charities, religious organisations and schools like St Cuthbert’s could do!

An amazing partnership to equip even more girls for the future…

“We are incredibly humbled by the generosity of the St Cuthbert’s community. Through your support, we are able to provide a learning environment where every girl can achieve her personal best. And, by regifting your donation rebates through Supergenerous, you’ll help to educate and grow even more amazing young women!”

If you’d like to learn more please contact our Advancement team by clicking here