Celebrating the end of the year at St Cuthbert’s

Published December 13, 2021

St Cuthbert’s end of year celebrations and rites of passage represent key traditions, which have evolved over the last 106 years of the College’s history. It has meant so much to be able to celebrate these with our girls and their families over the past few weeks, albeit online, due to COVID-19 restrictions.

St Cuthbert’s end of year events began with the Year 13 Leavers’ Soirée which was a live streamed event, enabling us to catch a glimpse into many homes where girls were gathered resplendent in cocktail dresses, enjoying much needed time reminiscing. Cultural Honours followed the next evening where we honoured our leading lights in Performing Arts, then Sports Colours, which celebrated our exceptional sportswomen. 

There were many tears at the Leavers’ Service, after which we followed our Year 13 girls as they moved from the quad outside Clouston Hall to ring the Bews Bell signaling the end of their journey at St Cuthbert’s. The Year 13 cohort then processed through a full haka in their honour performed by the Senior School students, to the Old Girls’ Chapel where they buried their Class of 2021 time capsule which is filled with precious memories of their College days. The capsule will be unearthed at this cohort’s first Old Girls’ reunion. 

The festivities continued with an online Senior School Prize Giving, congratulations to all the girls who were recognised at this special ceremony.

We are so very proud of the resilience our Year 13 girls, have shown throughout these COVID-19 times. Despite the interruptions caused by a global pandemic, our students have demonstrated remarkable fortitude, creativity and maturity in the way in which they have approached this time. As these young women leave through our green gates, we are confident they possess the skills and resilience to navigate life’s challenges and to embrace its successes.  

In particular, we’d like to commend our Year 13 Student Leadership team led by Head Girl, Carmel Ah Chong, Head Boarder, Charlotte Berry and Deputy Head Girls, Florida Mataio, Helena Haldane, and Katya De Silva. These young women and, indeed, their special cohort, have been wonderful role models and leaders, and the support they have provided to one another, and our younger girls, has been inspirational. 

We look forward to celebrating what made this cohort of Year 13 girls very special, when we can be in person together in February, at the Graduation Ball.

We’d like to finish with these amazing words from our 2021 Head Girl Carmel Ah Chong, during her Prize Giving speech to her younger peers.

“As Kahunui teaches you, your experience (at St Cuthbert’s) is only what you make of it, and over before you know it. As such, be proud to attend St. Cuthbert’s and of the traditions it holds, cherish the friendships that you have but continue to form new ones and when an opportunity presents itself, don’t be afraid to go after it.”