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St Cuthbert’s Advantage

Every girl who walks through the doors of St Cuthbert’s has the ability and opportunity to do incredible things. Our commitment to every girl and her family is that we will make your daughter even more amazing.

No matter her unique qualities and interests – we will ensure your daughter is able to explore her strengths and talents in a supportive and inclusive environment.

We believe our girls need to be happy and to feel confident in themselves, to achieve their personal best.

While our academic results are exceptional, a St Cuthbert’s education is much more than just top grades.

How do St Cuthbert’s girls become such resilient, caring, grounded and well-rounded young women?

Every girl is noticed

We notice your daughter and what’s going on in her life. Each girl is different and our job is to find her unique strengths and talents and help her bloom – when she is ready.

We put girls at the centre

We continually challenge the status quo of education. Through gathering evidence, constant innovation and collaboration with other educators, the way our girls engage, inquire, and learn is always evolving.

Knowledge matters

St Cuthbert’s is a ‘Knowledge Rich School’ where our teachers, who are experts in their fields, are committed to developing a deeper level of subject learning to ensure girls have a firm grasp of fundamental concepts.

Girl with science beaker
St Cuthbert’s is a ‘Knowledge Rich School’

The 21st Century girl

We equip each girl to become a critical and enterprising thinker, to have the self-belief and strategies to solve whatever comes her way. She will be a Global Citizen with agility, tools and values to navigate the future.

Tradition is valued

Being a good citizen and caring for the community are fundamental to a St Cuthbert’s education. For over 100 years ‘By Love Serve’, our school motto, remains at the heart of everything we do. Through the rich values of ‘By Love Serve’ our girls embrace the importance of respect, leadership through service to others, and caring for one another. At St Cuthbert’s we help our girls understand how fortunate they are and teach them they have a responsibility to give back to their community. Service is integrally important and empathy for others makes a tangible difference to our world.

With years of experience educating girls we’ve found better ways of doing things – and that’s what sets us apart. Unique to St Cuthbert’s is:


The jewel in our crown – a month-long residential outdoor experience for Year 10 girls, at St Cuthbert’s Bay of Plenty campus. During this time, the girls are digitally unplugged and will experience everything from menu planning, gardening and cooking to small boat handling, fire lighting and survival camping. Kahunui is a transformative experience and the lessons she learns will stay with her for life.

Kahunui is a month-long residential outdoor experience. Read more.

Year 7 Homerooms

Our unique Year 7 Homeroom model gives girls the support they need to thrive socially, emotionally, and academically. Year 7 girls learn core subjects with their dedicated Homeroom Teacher. In advance of starting, new students are carefully buddied with girls who attended our Junior School, so every girl knows at least one other girl from the start. St Cuthbert’s Homeroom model builds a rapport between girls, gradually allows each girl to become accustomed to their new school.

St Cuthbert’s Homeroom model builds a rapport between girls

Years 8-13 Vertical Tutor Groups

From Year 8, we have a structure – Vertical Tutor Groups – which provides girls with a dedicated Tutor Teacher throughout their time in Senior School. Girls meet twice a week in a relaxed atmosphere, through this, students mix with girls from all year levels in the Senior School fostering multi-year friendships, relationships of trust and leadership. This Senior School structure is unique to St Cuthbert’s, and we believe provides invaluable peer role modelling, and a home away from home. 

Years 11 – 13 Senior Academy

Following their transformative Kahunui experience, girls become part of our Senior Academy programme where they have more opportunities to grow alongside increased responsibilities, privileges and a uniform that distinguishes them as leaders of the school. Year 13 is the culmination of this, and every girl has the opportunity to hold one of many leadership positions.

Experienced Careers Faculty

By the time your daughter reaches Year 13 and is considering her study and career pathways, she will have already established many of the life skills needed to confidently evaluate her options.  Our experienced Careers Faculty guides each girl from Year 10 through their career options and information on New Zealand and international Universities. Our team can assist with tertiary scholarship applications, entry to halls of residence and applying for overseas Universities. This will help her to realise her dreams.

St Cuthbert’s Advantage